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For those involved with ripping their bodies, high intensity interval training is a must. Before I begin explaining about HIIT, you must know what it is. According to HIIT, a workout should include a mix of low to moderate exercises that should be infrequent and brief, while at the same time, intense. Under HIIT, exercises are balanced to include both low level as well as high level intensity workouts. There are a number of exercises like running and squatting that fall under the purview of HIIT. For the fitness freaks trying to get a super toned and ripped bodies, HIIT is a must, for it burns more body fat than any other kind of normal cardio exercises. With HIIT, you are able to increase your aerobic as well as anaerobic stamina while ripping your body to the maximum. A typical example of HIIT, is sprinting, wherein, you sprint for 20 seconds, then walk for 50 seconds. This comprises high intensity interval training. By anaerobic endurance, we mean increasing your stamina when you work out in the gymnasium with weights. HIIT helps you build energy and endurance for lifting weights as well as doing any form of cardio exercises.

For most of us who are into jogging or running, we find these cardio workouts quite dull and ultimately leave doing these altogether. The long hours involved in running and walking make these lifeless, however, HIIT, is a much more energizing and a great way to reduce fats. HIIT gives you no time to think about any other thing except burning your unwanted lard. Such is the intensity that people start to enjoy these and look forward to doing them the next day.


Initially believed by many fitness experts that doing a cardio workout on a steady rate helps burn more fats; it is now proven that high intensity exercises promote better weight loss. It was a common myth among many that indulging in low level exercises for a longer time resulted in better weight loss. However, with new studies conducted in this field, the opposite holds true. The higher the intensity of your exercises, the better is the fat loss. Though you may burn more fat when you take a long walk, for better and total fat burn, we need HIIT. Doing HIIT helps you exercise for a longer amount of time which results in burning more fats than regular cardio workouts. Another advantage of doing HIIT is an increased metabolic rate that helps you to burn fat for an entire day. This is much better than opting for jogging that helps you burn fats as long as you are doing it. But, with high intensity interval training, you can keep burning your lard even after you are done with it. This is known as an after burn effect which is a distinctive feature of HIIT.

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