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Yoga Styles for the Elderly

In older age, people must give more time to their health, themselves, their families, recreation and even for more relaxation. During this age bracket, you can also face more susceptible to some ailments which are associated with arthritis, incontinence and high blood pressure issues. It creates the need for elderly people to adopt such measures which can make them more fit and healthy during this period of high care time. Under such conditions, yoga exercises can be adopted effectively depending on your needs and abilities without creating further complications to your health. You will feel your body fitter and your mind working more efficiently with the feeling of relaxation.

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Yoga also proves to be very effective in preventing and controlling common health and emotional issues which are associated with old age. Old age people will feel touched with themselves and their body enabling to accept who you are and how you can create positive approach in this period of life.

Most effective yoga styles can be adopted by the elderly including kapalabhati a cleansing technique used for cleansing, easy pose known as Sukhasana, cat pose known as bidalasana, dog pose known as adho mukha shvanasana, double leg raises, half spinal twist most commonly known as ardha matsyendrasana, locust pose known as salabhasana, wind relieving pose known as pavanamuktasana and yoga exercises known as savasana. All these yoga styles and exercises are based on years of research in the field of yoga which can be effectively used to enhance health of the elderly. With the continuous adaptation of yoga exercises and styles, old people can enjoy a healthier and relaxed life.

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