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Are Weight Charts Really Accurate?

If you have ever been to the doctor I’m sure at sometime or another you have been weighted on a scale so the doctor can look and see how much you weight and if it is in proportion to your height. Some many times I have heard and been told either by friends or family that the doctor has told them that they are over weight and need to loose a few pounds.

This is where the problem comes in with weight charts and one that I have had many a discussion with people that think they are over weight. The main problem is that weight charts do not take into account what a persons body fat level is.

Take as an example a body builder who weights around 250 pounds is about 6 foot tall and has 6% body fat! Going by most weight charts this person would be about 50 pounds over weight! If you are thinking that the charts are wrong than you are right on the money. The problem is the charts go by scale weight and not by body fat and this is where the problem comes in when trying to determine if the person is really over weight. At the height of his body building career Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body weight was around 245  pounds and his body fat was so low you could see the cuts to his abs! So just by this example we can see how miss leading weight charts can be in trying to determine how much a person really should weight! So what is the best way to really determine what to go by when trying to see if we are over weight or not?


Probably the simplest way is just by looking in the mirror! As they say the mirror don’t lie and if you have stomach fat pushing out over you midsection than you know it is time to lose weight! So much of this is just common sense and one I think most people would understand if they would just stop and think about they are being told when a doctor tells them they are over weight. And speaking of muscle mass, the more muscle mass you have the more body fat you will burn so the next time some tells you they don’t want any muscle, remember that the body burns more fat with more muscle!

When you go to the doctor next time and he tells you that you are over weight based on weight chart, you just might not be as over weight as you think!

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