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Fitness is not Just an Exercise, It’s a Lifestyle

What comes to mind when you hear the words “fitness”?  Do you go “Oh no, Why should I do all these exercises”?  Fitness has become a serious business that involves many types of service providers including personal trainers, gym instructors, fitness video producers, and others whether professionals or not. Many people attempt to get fit for a variety of reasons whether to lose weight, to tone the body, or to prepare for special events such as marathons.

Fitness however is not just exercise but a lifestyle observed by countless persons who are motivated, prepared and dedicated to achieve improvements not only in their lives but in the lives of others around them. Fitness is more than just the ability to lift heavy weights at a gym, run for great distances, or does any other physical activity for however long you do it for, fitness is all encompassing. The fact is, fitness is not just physical, and it is also emotional and spiritual.

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True practitioners of fitness actually approach this in a holistic manner, combining physical exercise, with healthy eating, mental fortitude, and a positive attitude. Persons who practice fitness as a lifestyle are determined, focused, dedicated and passionate and are prepared to put their all into achieving their vision for self improvement.  The bottom line is that far from being just exercise, fitness is a lifestyle choice for those who have consciously chosen to live every day by a philosophy that also supports healthy eating, mental conditioning, and physical activity.

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