Proper Nutrition to Support Elderly Health

Elderly people are facing greater number of diseases as compared to younger people due to longevity issues much more witnessed in the elderly. According to a recent study, more than 80 percent of old people are faced with one or more severe chronic diseases. These age groups are faced with malnutrition in their diet but the risks of developing secondary malnutrition is even much higher. It is examined that around 85% of old people who live at their own house are affected with one disease. The only possible way to treat them out of these chronic diseases is the enhancement of appropriate nutrition in their daily diet. Nutritional screening and nutritional intervention are also considered as more effective tools selected for elderly patients.

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The main objectives of nutritional support for elderly people are reduction in chronic or acute diseases which can happen due to nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional support has different objectives which can vary according to the clinical situation of every elderly. The main objectives of nutritional support are to become the main part of their treatment especially in diabetes mellitus therapy. Use of nutritional diet in the elderly can improve the onset of illness which can even cause cardiac failure in this group of people. It is also another salient feature of nutritional support which can effectively reduce or manage the issues of malnutrition including stroke sequels and controlling their clinical parameters to serum cholesterol and blood pressure values.

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