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Diabetes during Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes occurs during first pregnancy and usually presents itself in many ways. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Unnecessary tiredness
  • Excessive urinal frequency and
  • Always feeling thirsty amongst others.

The good thing is that it normally disappears after the birth of the baby and the bad is that, if not controlled early a baby can be born with life threatening defects like jaundice and or low blood sugar.

Gestational Diabetes Prevention is possible if a mother to be takes action early enough in lowering its occurrence.  Since it is normally caused by insulin resistance in the body one can choose to have a few lifestyle changes namely:-

  • Eat a wholesome diet and if possible avoid bad fats at all.
  • Shed all unnecessary weight before pregnancy.
  • Become active – exercise at least 30 minutes every other day.  This will help increase the heart rate.
  • Avoid, and if possible stop smoking and eating of excessive salt, sugars, sugary or alcoholic beverages should also be put on hold until after the baby is born.

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Gestational Diabetes Prevention should be the desire of anyone intending to get pregnant whether they have any form of diabetes or not.  Controlling of blood sugar is a must.  Too much sugary foods make one a better candidate for diabetes.  One important factor is that it is important to see doctor for advice regarding diet and any exercises.  Do not at any time go on a diet or excessive exercise without the help of your medical practitioner.

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