Add author bio with social links to blog post

Often we like to add a author bio at the bottom of blog post. To do so we use external plugins. By adding few script to our theme function file we can easily create our own custom author bio for our blog post. Lets see what type of field we need to get user/author social links:

author links field screenshot

What we need to add in function file:

if ( is_admin() ) {
    add_filter('user_contactmethods', 'author_bio_social_links');

    function author_bio_social_links( $data ){
        $data['author_twitter_url'] = __( 'Twitter', 'msbd-theme' );
        $data['author_facebook_url'] = __( 'Facebook', 'msbd-theme' );
        $data['author_github_url'] = __( 'Github', 'msbd-theme' );
        $data['author_wp_url'] = __( 'Wordpress', 'msbd-theme' );

        return $data;

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Now we will show the author bio with the social links we have added to admin section:

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