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Important Knowledge on Pregnancy You Should Know

First Trimester

The most critical stage in pregnancy is the trimester stage. This is where the vital organs of the baby’s body are formed. It is critical that the conceiving mother will take extreme care to ensure that the developing baby inside will be safe from harm.


There is no special list of things to do unless the OB Gyne gave you precautions. A normal conceiving mother must ensure proper balance of everything. She should not tire herself of activities but must also not allow sedentary lifestyle. When eating, this is high time to ingest the most nutritious food you can get. Fuel up with fruits and vegetables. Avoid spicy and oily, food. Avoid instant food not only during the first trimester but in the whole 9 months.

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Health State

Since there is an ongoing process inside your womb, expect major changes in your body systems too. You may feel weak or get easily tired. Even your emotions are affected because a lot of hormonal processes are happening inside. Don’t be surprised with the sudden changes but instead, go with the flow. The best thing to do if you suddenly feel bad or weak is to take a rest.

Also, surround yourself with good music, good atmosphere, good reads, and other items that will invite good senses. Think of your baby inside because whatever you ingest within will also be ingested by your baby. If you are working heavily, it is highly recommended that you take a rest first and then just go back to the normal pace after the first trimester. This is how you should take care of your health during pregnancy.

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