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Tips for Improving Leg Health

Even for the health conscious, leg health is something that is rarely given much thought. Your legs, however, are what support and carry you throughout your life, so it’s important to keep them in good shape. With the unhealthy amount of sitting or standing in place that many of us have to do in our daily lives, blood can pool in the legs and cause health problems. If your legs tend to ache, or you just want to prevent potential problems in the future, there are some simple things you can do to improve and maintain your feet and legs’ health.

1. Be active. Exercise gets your heart pumping and blood flowing, and is one of the most important things you can do for your legs’ health. Exercise not only builds and tones muscles, but increases the flow of blood, and oxygen, to your legs. In turn, healthier legs will provide you stamina and endurance to last throughout the day.

Compression socks are helpful when exercising, as they help reduce fatigue. They also reduce post-workout soreness by reducing the buildup of lactic acid within the muscles. Compression socks can also be used while resting to help the muscles recover.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. The body is an interconnected system. How you treat one part will affect the rest of it. Maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding stress and other positive lifestyle choices, like not smoking, will all benefit your overall heath and, in turn, your legs.

3. Elevate your legs and feet. If you must sit for an extended period of time, try to keep your legs and feet elevated. This will make it easier for blood to circulate through them and back to your heart. There are times when this just isn’t possible, though, such as when on a long car or plane ride. Compression stockings can provide a similar effect at these times.

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Building A Home Gym For Less Than $300

Home GymBuuuurrrrnnnnn! Can you feel it? Thats what my biceps feel like right now, and i haven’t even been to the gym. I decided, that instead of paying $50 a month to go to they gym and que to use a sweaty piece of equipment, i would just buy a home Gym. To some, this may seem a bit extreme, but actually, it’s really quite cheap, and you can use the equipment whenever you want, even at 3am.


So what are the advantages of having your own home gym?

  • No queuing for equipment
  • Works out as cheaper than a Gym membership
  • You can use it whenever you please
  • Can fit in your bedroom. Killer Abs whilst watching Family guy anyone?
  • Other benefits which i will mention in the article.

To get the same results as you would by going to they Gym, you are going to need more than one bit of equipment. You’re going to have to train legs, upper and lower body, and maybe even do some cardio if you’re into that. Of course, i always say that when it comes to doing cardio, the world is your Gym.

Whatever you do, do not buy an “Entire Home Gym” as it will set you back thousands. By individual pieces that work and only buy what you need, and what you will use. The first thing that i bought, were adjustable dumbbells.


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

They are essential to working out, and take up very little space. Because you can add and remove the sections, there are over 80 weight variations to these dumbbells, so its like having an entire rack of dumbbells, like in the gym, but for a fraction of the price and strength. You can start off small and increase the weight as you go along and get fitter by adding the segments onto the adjustable dumbbells. Im not going to write a full blown review for these, as you can see over 800 reviews on Amazon here, so it would be a waste of my time and yours.With free Dumbbells, you can train almost any part of your body. You can do squats, biceps, triceps, calf raise, and weighted sit ups. They also only cost $240 and of course will come with free shipping.

Its commonly known that free weights provide more value to your workout, by “silently” training your core, and other muscle groups, because you need to support yourself when doing the lifts. I like it this way because you start seeing muscles popping up in places you didnt even know you were training. Its all good for getting that ripped look. But you still need one more piece of equipment in your home Gym. The weight bench.


Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench

The Cap barbell Fitness FID bench is perfect for home gyms, as its only $50 and can be flat, incline, decline AND upright. Its suitable for just about any weightlifting technique and has been purchased over 500 times on Amazon. Its a bit of an American favorite. Its cheap and it works. You can set this up in your bedroom or a spare room and its all you really need for working out at home. This particular home workout bench has been sold more than 400 times on Amazon, and it has rave reviews. Because it has the bars to put your feet under, you can take a plate from your adjustable dumbbells and give your Abs a killer workout.

Because average monthly gym membership costs are so high, you would be waaay better off just buying the equipment yourself and saving yourself costs. You never have to wait for equipment to do your sets, and you can go at whatever time you like. Please, if you have any comments, questions or anything else, comment below and i WILL reply!

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Ways to stay Fit without Leaving your house

Being fit is now something most people are trying to achieve. With more news and awareness of how living unhealthily can increase risks of cancer and other illnesses, millions of people from all over the world are jumping on the fitness bandwagon. The problem is, finding time to work – out is difficult, because by the time you have got changed, and made your way to a gym, it’s usually time you were cooking your dinner or putting the kids to sleep.

Also, you don’t have to be a hulk to be defined as “fit”, but you should do cardio and resistance training (push up etc) to tone your muscles and get yourself a six pack. There are two different ways to you about doing this. The first way is the hard way. Its called Insanity, and you may have seen the adverts for it on the Telly.


So what is insanity?

In a nutshell, Insanity is a box set of DVDs, that come with a calendar etc that you fill in each day. Each episode is a different workout, which you will do on different days, and each episode is 40 minutes long. So before buying this product, make sure you have a minimum of 40 minutes each day to improve your body. The whole programme is 60 days long and guarantees results. Dedication required! It isn’t for the faint of heart, as it has the majority of people dripping in sweat after each workout, which is a good thing. The way Insanity gets results, is it uses “Max Interval Training” to let you do your cardio in a small space. You do squats, push ups, sit ups, quickly and for a short time, cool off for a minute, and then do a different exercise. It burns fat incredibly quickly, and slowly builds muscles, giving you that toned luck.

Although you can buy this from the TV over the phone, i found it quicker just to buy it online, over at amazon. It turned out to be number 69 (lol) in the top sold health related products list, and has over 2300 positive reviews.


Not up to that?

Don’t worry, we realized that some people would not enjoy that, and would find itfar too strenuous. If this is the case, as well as eating a healthy diet, you can push yourself to do as many pushups as you can in the morning, and as many pushups as you can at night, before you go to sleep. Don’t fret if you can’t do more that a handful. Keep doing them, and then a few days later, you will see that you can do 1 more. You should also be doing situps, to train your core muscles.

You get more out of your Pushups if you use proper Press Up handles, as it keeps your form correct which will allow you to train your abs whilst doing the push up. Dont worry about brands and quality with these, they are always super cheap and you can

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