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Best Fat Burners For Women Are At Times Not A Good Option

One of the most common obsessions among women of almost all ages is to look slim and smart. This obsession has given rise to a number of issues and the worst of all is being anorexic. It is not something to take it very lightly but actually something to feel worried about.  It does not at all mean that you should not take care of yourself and become an obese person but being an extremist is also wrong.

Most of the times it is observed that ladies try to go after shortcuts and easy way out to become slim, mart and attractive but they fail to realize the fact that these shortcuts can be really very dangerous to their health. Most common thing that has been noticed for reducing weight is the use of fat burning pills. The use of such fat burning pills is only recommended only if it has been prescribed by a professional dietician or a doctor. Otherwise just selecting such pill can be dangerous for your health at times.

There is a simple misconception about the fat burning pills that they are no less than some magic pills which we turn you and your personality entirely by only a few intakes. However this is not at all true. You need to be thinking very realistically in this point of fact that there are no such medicines which has such a fast effect and can completely transform you in such a small period of time. That is why you must always be very specific and keen when buying these pills. Preference must always be given to the doctors prescribed best fat burner pills rather than to any normal ones.

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Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss – For Those Who Like to Follow the Herbal Way

As you grow old, using weight loss programs to get a toned body becomes difficult. For this reason, ayurvedic medicine for weight loss can work for you. The ayurvedic medicine carries the concept of ‘ama’ which means toxins. Ayurvedic medicine works to resolve the fats in your body thereby making you feel light and good. The older a person gets, the harder it is to remove the toxins from your body which is why the ayurvedic approach works best for everyone regardless of the age factor. Below are several ayurvedic tips you can get help from:


Ayurvedic Medicine 1

The first medicine you can try on is a detox tea. The tea is a good combination of ingredients which works to help digestion and will break down the fats as a result of which all of the ama is removed from your body thereby helping you to lose weight quickly and efficiently.

In order to make the detox tea, you will first need to boil 4 – 5 cups of water with whole cumin seeds, coriander seeds and fennel seeds. Once the water is boiled with the lid on, strain out the seeds and store the water in a thermos. The best thing is to make it in the morning and have small sips of it throughout the day.

Ayurvedic Medicine 2

The second medicine is the Triphala Treat. It is an ayurvedic herb which is further composed of three dried Indian fruits namely Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. Each one of these has its own valuable characteristics which is why this one is a powerful way to lose weight. In order to make this tea, you will need triphala powder, psyllium fiber and organic flaxseed. The triphala tablets can be easily found online or in a health store for a cheaper price.

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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits For Weight Loss

Aloe Vera has traditionally been one of the best natural ingredients for skin. Almost all of us have tried several Aloe Vera natural products for skin. Not only does it work against the harmful rays of the sun, it also offers complete nourishment to skin with some amazing results.

Using Aloe Vera for skin is a common practice but have you considered drinking the Aloe Vera juice for weight loss? It may certainly sound strange to some people but many of the health juices and protein shakes come with natural Aloe Vera ingredients to help the body in eliminating fat with more efficiency.

There are some great benefits of Aloe Vera juices for our entire body functions. Not only can an Aloe Vera juice increase the efficiency of the skin, it can also increase the performance of our internal systems and can act as an anti-inflammatory agent and pain reliever. It helps our joints to work smoothly and provides flexibility to their movements.

One of the main benefits of Aloe Vera juice is its rich content of mucopolysaccharides. These are amino sugars which play an important role in the cell production functions of the body. Keeping a constant supply of Aloe Vera juice in your diet will certainly help you achieve the results in your fitness routine that you always dreamed of.


Strengthening the immune system

Aloe Vera juice has a great capability to strengthen our immune systems. People with serious immune system disorders can be greatly benefited with aloe Vera juice. It helps the body in the stimulation of the white blood cells in order to eliminate severe forms of viruses from the body. It also acts as a great detoxification agent by removing harmful toxics from the body, thus increasing the performance of our health functions.

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Weight Loss Plans to Boost Your Metabolism

While a lot is written about finding ways to boost your metabolism and it is seen as a good thing to do, many people are not entirely sure what it means.  Basically your metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories each day.  So if you give it a boost you will be able to burn more calories without any extra effort.

Everyone has a different metabolic rate and it is influenced by a number of factors.  Men’s tends to be higher than women’s as they have more muscle and muscle mass burns more calories than fat.  The metabolic rate starts to slow as we get older and becomes noticeable once we get to 40 and beyond.  Genetics also play a part with some people being blessed with the metabolism of a greyhound which means they eat and drink whatever they want.

If you aren’t blessed this way, there are still a number of things you can do to boost your metabolism:

Weight Loss Plans
Weight Loss Plans

Add Muscle

There is a noticeable difference in the amount of calories that muscle and fat tissue burn each day.  A pound of muscle will burn three times as many calories as a pound of fat even if you are not doing any exercise.  So the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn off each day.  While you don’t need to hit the gym and start lifting weights, you do need to be as active as possible to build new muscle and keep the existing ones.

Stay Hydrated

These days hardly anyone goes anywhere without a bottle of water within easy reach.  And with good reason.  The metabolism will begin to slow down even if you are just a little dehydrated.  Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day to boost your metabolism working at its peak.

Green Tea and Coffee

Both of these drinks have a short term effect on the metabolism and help the body to burn more calories.  Both contain caffeine while green tea is a good source of catechins.  Studies have shown that they help people to burn more calories while they are exercising and resting.

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Are Weight Charts Really Accurate?

If you have ever been to the doctor I’m sure at sometime or another you have been weighted on a scale so the doctor can look and see how much you weight and if it is in proportion to your height. Some many times I have heard and been told either by friends or family that the doctor has told them that they are over weight and need to loose a few pounds.

This is where the problem comes in with weight charts and one that I have had many a discussion with people that think they are over weight. The main problem is that weight charts do not take into account what a persons body fat level is.

Take as an example a body builder who weights around 250 pounds is about 6 foot tall and has 6% body fat! Going by most weight charts this person would be about 50 pounds over weight! If you are thinking that the charts are wrong than you are right on the money. The problem is the charts go by scale weight and not by body fat and this is where the problem comes in when trying to determine if the person is really over weight. At the height of his body building career Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body weight was around 245  pounds and his body fat was so low you could see the cuts to his abs! So just by this example we can see how miss leading weight charts can be in trying to determine how much a person really should weight! So what is the best way to really determine what to go by when trying to see if we are over weight or not?


Probably the simplest way is just by looking in the mirror! As they say the mirror don’t lie and if you have stomach fat pushing out over you midsection than you know it is time to lose weight! So much of this is just common sense and one I think most people would understand if they would just stop and think about they are being told when a doctor tells them they are over weight. And speaking of muscle mass, the more muscle mass you have the more body fat you will burn so the next time some tells you they don’t want any muscle, remember that the body burns more fat with more muscle!

When you go to the doctor next time and he tells you that you are over weight based on weight chart, you just might not be as over weight as you think!

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For those involved with ripping their bodies, high intensity interval training is a must. Before I begin explaining about HIIT, you must know what it is. According to HIIT, a workout should include a mix of low to moderate exercises that should be infrequent and brief, while at the same time, intense. Under HIIT, exercises are balanced to include both low level as well as high level intensity workouts. There are a number of exercises like running and squatting that fall under the purview of HIIT. For the fitness freaks trying to get a super toned and ripped bodies, HIIT is a must, for it burns more body fat than any other kind of normal cardio exercises. With HIIT, you are able to increase your aerobic as well as anaerobic stamina while ripping your body to the maximum. A typical example of HIIT, is sprinting, wherein, you sprint for 20 seconds, then walk for 50 seconds. This comprises high intensity interval training. By anaerobic endurance, we mean increasing your stamina when you work out in the gymnasium with weights. HIIT helps you build energy and endurance for lifting weights as well as doing any form of cardio exercises.

For most of us who are into jogging or running, we find these cardio workouts quite dull and ultimately leave doing these altogether. The long hours involved in running and walking make these lifeless, however, HIIT, is a much more energizing and a great way to reduce fats. HIIT gives you no time to think about any other thing except burning your unwanted lard. Such is the intensity that people start to enjoy these and look forward to doing them the next day.


Initially believed by many fitness experts that doing a cardio workout on a steady rate helps burn more fats; it is now proven that high intensity exercises promote better weight loss. It was a common myth among many that indulging in low level exercises for a longer time resulted in better weight loss. However, with new studies conducted in this field, the opposite holds true. The higher the intensity of your exercises, the better is the fat loss. Though you may burn more fat when you take a long walk, for better and total fat burn, we need HIIT. Doing HIIT helps you exercise for a longer amount of time which results in burning more fats than regular cardio workouts. Another advantage of doing HIIT is an increased metabolic rate that helps you to burn fat for an entire day. This is much better than opting for jogging that helps you burn fats as long as you are doing it. But, with high intensity interval training, you can keep burning your lard even after you are done with it. This is known as an after burn effect which is a distinctive feature of HIIT.

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Seaweed: Cheaper and Natural Way to Get Rid of Belly Fat

A brown seaweed extract called “fuxoxanthin” has been stirring the weight loss world for some time now due to its fat burning potential. This extract, says Dr. Kazuo Miyashita of the Hokkaido University in Japan, reportedly increases protein production that helps metabolize fat. In a clinical test in Hokkaido University, Miyashita observed that the extract reduced 5 to 10 percent of the body weight of rats involved, and the research result was reported at the American Chemical Society.

What Fucoxanthin Does to Abdominal Fat

Fucoxanthin is a compound that stimulates the UCP1 protein triggering fat to be oxidized and quickly converted into heat energy. In short, the protein is prodded to burn fat, specifically the white adipose tissue that covers internal organs. This indicates that natural supplements made from brown seaweed may be a super remedy for belly fat.

The better news is, brown seaweed is easily available in the market. It’s the flavoring added to miso soup and is known in Asian wet markets as Wasame, Kelp, or Miso. It is popularly used in various Japanese dishes.

Would taking miso soup get rid of the belly fat then? If sumptuous amounts are taken, probably. And “sumptuous” means kilos of it to get the right amount of extract. Thus, a brown seaweed supplement processed through nano technology is needed. Remember, it’s not the brown seaweed per se that melts belly fat but the extract fucoxanthin which Miyashita feels should be made into a food supplement pill soon.

Seaweed Cheaper and Natural Way to Get Rid of Belly Fat
Seaweed Cheaper and Natural Way to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Optimal Thyroid Performance to Lose Weight

Seaweeds are rich in iodine that enhances thyroid function. And this greatly helps good metabolism and regulates fat storage in the body, says Burton Goldberg in his Alternative Medicine article. Seaweed intake, especially in supplement form, can speed up weight loss and fat burning. The only problem is iodine absorption, but taking Vitamin A takes care of that, says Goldberg.

More Seaweed in Your Diet

Put more of these “sea veggies” in your diet regularly for considerable amounts of minerals which promote ideal health and metabolic efficiency. A lot of minerals in seaweeds are not found in land vegetables, say Seibin and Teruko Arasaki in their book, “The Vegetables of the Sea.” Just don’t overdo with salt because seaweed is already rich in sodium and that should caution the hypertensive to consult with their physicians before embarking on a seaweed-rich diet.

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No-Dieting Slim with Plums

Plums are naturally rich in dietary fibers and Vitamin C and enable the body to absorb iron better. Dried plums, on the other hand, help prevent osteoporosis, restoring bone mass, according to a recent clinical study, as well as induce detoxification. How about when plums are fermented?

Super Weight Loss Plums

Aside from its dietary fibers that promote regular bowel movement, plums can also act as fat burner, fat blocker, and digestion regulator when fermented with other slimming ingredients. In some Asian countries, fresh plums undergo special fermentation processes that increase its health potentials by seeping it with natural herbal concoctions. One way is to mix the fermenting concoction with Pu Er tea, green tea, and probiotics. The end result is a plum for a no-dieting slim. The fermented plums are said to be so effective that eating them regularly will keep you within your ideal weight even if you observe no special diets.

Exercise or No Exercise?

With or without exercise and with or without dieting, these plums are said to be effective. But some fitness buffs doubt the plum’s slimming properties especially with the notion that weight loss with them is possible even without workouts. Fitness experts have been stressing the need for diets and exercise as part of an effective and permanent weight loss program. However, advocates of fermented plums say these can be easily integrated with dieting and exercise. They assure that there would be no side effects.


Pickling Plums for Weight Loss

The process seems easy enough because it’s simply pickling plums. Plum fruits are hand-picked once they are about 80 percent ripe. They are fermented for 6 months in vats where a concoction of green tea, Pu Er tea, and probiotics is pre-mixed. The plums are pricked on all sides for better absorption. Thus, when soaked, the plums take in all the essences of the teas and the probiotic.

Pu Er Tea

Pu Er tea is said to be a potent fat blocker. Fats you ate are prevented or “blocked” from settling down in your tummy and body system. They are prevented from entering the blood main stream, too. Fats do not stay in your body but instead get eliminated quickly through the laxative property of plums. Fat elimination goes with the softened stool in the morning.

Green Tea

Aside from being rich in antioxidants (preventing the oxidation of LDL), green tea is a known fat burner. Even some doctors, nutritionists, and weight loss experts recommend green tea for effective slimming.


Probiotics in the plums assure that precious good bacteria are not eliminated along with fats and wastes from the digestive system when the purgative effect takes place in your tummy. Some slimming drinks eliminate even good bacteria from your digestive tract making you a bit dehydrated and giving you weak digestion.

Plums Naturally

Anyway, if you don’t have time to ferment them, just eat natural plums—even taking prunes and prune juice—and that alone would give you tremendous weight loss benefits.

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Brisk Walking for Weight Loss and Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Brisk walking is powerful for weight loss, to say the least. There have been countless studies to prove this, and among them is the one done by scientists researching on health at the University of Pittsburgh. The study proved that overweight people lose weight after walking for 30 to 60 minutes a day. And that’s regardless of lifestyle habits, they averred.

Another American study said brisk walking at least 4 hours a week can help lose about 9 pounds even as brisk walkers age. It’s a known fact that brisk walking can also lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) and help raise your HDL (good cholesterol) at the same time that you can easily manage your weight. And fitness experts see that brisk walking is going to be the fitness trend in the future as more people prefer the great outdoors for gyms to spend their workouts in. Brisk walking is a lot cheaper, too—no costly gym membership and special getup.

Normal Blood Sugar

There’s a powerful bonus, too. An interesting study on brisk walking and normal blood sugar levels done in the Alps and deliberated on by the American Heart Association said brisk walking does so much good for heart and blood sugar health. And it has all to do with brisk walking uphill and downhill.

The mechanics goes this way: brisk walking uphill gives the muscles concentric workout that normalizes triglycerides (that’s good cardiovascular health for you) and brisk walking down hill gives the muscles eccentric workout for better glucose tolerance that normalizes blood sugar levels. And with doctor’s approval, diabetics with heart conditions can take on brisk walking as a “healing” workout daily.

Brisk Walking for Weight Loss and Normal Blood Sugar Levels
Brisk Walking for Weight Loss and Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Imagine hitting three birds with one stone—weight loss, heart health, and blood sugar health with just brisk walking. That’s not to mention the feeling of well-being and emotional high after a brisk walk session (powerful for fighting stress and improving sleep), plus stronger lungs. And how about muscle toning and body cell rejuvenation?

Take the Stairs

Always take the stairs if you’re going up 2 to 3 floors. If you’re a beginner, take a rest each floor before proceeding to the next, especially if the building has a high ceiling height. Take it easy with each step, gaining speed gradually and then resuming normal cadence as you reach the final steps.
If there is no uphill street or rolling terrain in the neighbourhood, find a building with 2 to 3 floors and use it for your brisk stair climbing. Better if your own house has 2 to 3 floors. Or visit the mall regularly and use the stairs there. If your office has stairs, use it always and do take “stair-climbing” breaks now and then.

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Where All the Weight Gain Mostly Come From

Some people seem to just get it right fast and easy. They take a diet and workout program and presto! They get into shape almost in no time. While the rest seem to suffer from weight gain no matter how sophisticated their diets and workouts are. They manage to shed off some pounds now but take in a ton a few days after.

What’s the secret to a more lasting weight loss program? How can you keep lost weight from coming back and doubling in the process? Many have testified how weight lost can come back to you with a vengeance which, to most trying-hard weight loss aficionados, seems like a curse. How do you reverse the spell? How do you stop weight gain?

It’s in Your Food Intake

Weight gain comes from food you eat. That’s a fact. And stubborn weight that keeps coming back comes mostly from meals eaten in restaurants and other eateries. It’s always tempting to eat more when we eat out, and the problem with that is, we easily fall prey to food rich in fats and calories when we do that. Remember that the food business is more lucrative if diners eat more. Naturally, food establishments would make their food dishes tastier. And tastier often means more fats and calories.


A study done at the University of Texas showed how female diners ate some 253 more calories plus 16 grams of fat when they ate in restaurants. Moreover, eating out with friends tends to make us unmindful about how and what we eat. We’re apt to keep nibbling as we eat and chat with friends. The result: unbelievable weight gain. Even with our sophisticated and vigorous workouts and diet programs, we find it difficult to lose weight considerably and continuously. Worse, the lost weight seems to keep coming back fast.

In addition, eating in restaurants often makes us “polish off” each bite, says Dr. Brian Wansink, Cornell University Food and Brand Lac director in New York and “Mindless Eating” author. Most people feel obligated to wipe out everything on the plate rather than being sensitive to how their tummies signal that they are full, Wansink adds.

Healthy Eating Management Skills

However, another study said eating out is not a problem as long as you have healthy eating management skills. A test done at the University of Texas in Austin showed how 35 women with ages from 40 to 59 could eat in restaurants within a 6-week period and not have any problems with weight gain. In fact, the subjects were even observed to lose weight.

The secret was in healthy eating management skills. Eat healthy foods all you want and stay away from foods high in fats and calories. This takes discipline and determination. The reward is continuous enjoyment of eating out in restaurants with families and friends while losing weight. But this doesn’t change the picture: food from restaurants is where weight gain often comes from.

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Weight Loss Can Slow Down Your Metabolism

Metabolism is popularly blamed when people either gain or lose weight. But unknown to them, weight loss can slow down metabolism, and it might be that their efforts at losing weight may be hindering their metabolism to work properly lose weight.

So, what are we going to do? Stop weight loss to speed up metabolism? But it is a known fact that active metabolism helps so much in burning calories and fats which are necessary to lose weight. The principle behind metabolic weight loss is that the bigger the muscle mass, the better metabolism you have and the easier it is to lose weight.

Calorie Restriction is the Culprit

Actually, rigid calorie restrictions and crush diets are the culprits. When you try to lose weight through these ways, they slow down your metabolism so that you wonder why despite the heavy workout and fats and calorie deprivation, you still have the same weight. Worse, you even gain more. According to slimming experts, rigid zero-fat and zero calorie diets can reduce your basal metabolic rate or BMR. BMR is the least amount of energy needed to keep the natural chemical processes in the body going. These chemical processes are what keep you alive and your body organs functioning.

But abrupt and extreme cutting down on calories and fats is not the answer to proper metabolism. Fact is, some diets even force your body to break down muscles to burn them as fuel. That reduces muscle mass. The more muscle mass is reduced the slower metabolism becomes. And that’s why you remain overweight no matter if you workout and continue your severe diet. No wonder it’s so easy to put weight back on with a few bites of food after you get rid of them for a while.


What Can Speed Up Metabolism Effectively?

It remains a fact that active metabolism helps reduce weight and effect slimming. And the best way to speed up metabolism is build muscle mass by working out. While doing this, your body will need energy to burn as fuel to enable itself to work out. Your diet then should continue to include some amount of calories and fat. Hence, the need for a balanced (not starvation) diet.

High Protein

Another tip for speeding up metabolism is a diet high in protein. Protein helps build up muscle mass. Together with regular exercise, protein can improve metabolism and lead to effective weight loss. Minimal calorie and fat intake, with lots of protein (like lean meat and non-fat fresh milk) and vegetables and fruits, plus high-intensity regular workouts, are the key to successful weight loss.

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