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Babies are very delicate and sensitive. Their skin is delicate like a flower that can wither if not taken proper care of. Either it’s your first baby or the second baby skin is always demanding. It demands full nourishment and complete care from season to season. In summer baby skin can get irritated due to sunrays that are harsh enough for his sensitive skin and in winter it can get so dry that a baby is restless due to itching. So you need to be very careful for your baby’s skin.

A very important decision is to choose a baby skin product wisely that should not harm the baby’s skin and is skin friendly. It includes baby shampoo, baby oil, body lotion, wet tissues that are more often used for babies to wipe and clean their face, baby towels, clothing stuff and their diaper is also mentionable. All these items if not suitable will create problem for your kid.

Let‘s discuss tips that can help you keep your baby’s skin fresh.


Baby skin care products have thousands of qualities and verities in the market. You have to choose the products that are suitable to your baby skin. There are major four types of skin – oily, dry, very dry and normal. For babies these categories are of not much consideration you just have to ensure about the quality. If any product irritates skin of your kid immediately stop using that product as it might result in skin allergies and consult a dermatologist.


For clothing use soft and pure material as the baby’s skin is very soft and cannot bear impure and hard stuff. Pure wool and pure cotton are best. Tightly fitted dresses are not suitable as they give a restless feeling to the baby. Choose a loose dress so that it does not cause redness and itching to skin. Towels should also have a fine soft material so that the skin does not get rashes and irritation.


To keep your baby’s skin soft and supple, massage it with baby oil especially before bath. It smoothens and glows the skin and is also healthy for the baby. Giving massage twice a week is healthy for the skin and it enhances growth of your newborn.

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