bad hand warts

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

bad hand warts

Warts are painful and unattractive. People noticing (and should I say) prying on your warts can definitely ruin your day. And if wart removal would be the topic of discussion, you can’t help but strain your ears to find out the best possible options you could get including the natural remedies for warts.

Let’s face it. Treatments for warts, if you would ask dermatologist, can be quite expensive. Thus, one may put off removing it and just bear the burden of sporting an unsightly wart/s. Here’s good news for those who are really looking for wart removal options. Continue reading and you’ll be surprised how natural remedies for warts can make a difference.

Warts – Reveal The Power Of Castor Oil

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

Warts and the natural remedies for their removal of them have been a topic of discussion for quite some time.

Castor oil would always be on top of one’s list. Though this herbal cure for warts takes long time to get results, a month for example, it is still regarded as an ideal herbal remedy wart removal.

All you have to do is apply a small amount of castor oil to the affected area. In doing so, you must adhere to several options. Some might recommend castor oil application twice a day while others suggest that applying it on a night basis only will also give best results.

Warts – Potatoes really rock

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

Are you shocked? Well, brace yourselves then. Because believe it or not, potatoes really rock! How? Take this fact into consideration.

There are a lot of raw, uncooked potatoes in your homes and they are tested herbal cure for warts.

Here are quick steps to make the most out of potato madness.

  • Cut the potato into half or any smaller portion.
  • Start massaging the affected area with the potato cuts.
    • It is advisable to practice this step for at least two to three times a day.

And in just two weeks, you’ll get the results you are looking for.

If you don’t have potatoes at home, don’t worry.

  • Onions pose as best alternatives to these.

Warts – Pineapple crush gives you guts

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

Another effective herbal treatment for warts includes the use of fresh pineapples.

What makes this technique special is that it has the ability to provide quick results.

Imagine, in just three days, you’ll notice that you’re warts eventually disappear! Cool, isn’t it? Want to try it? Just follow these steps.

  • Cut a fresh pineapple.
  • Apply a piece of the fruit to the wart area.
  • Lastly, do it several times a day!

An as mentioned, you’ll be amazed how this enhances your face in just three days.

Warts – Try Grapes

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

Do you love grape fruit juice because of its involvement in production of wine? Well, here’s a trivia that will make you love it more.

Grapefruit juice is noted to be an effective herbal wart remedy.

For the steps,

  • You can either cut or just squeeze the grape fruit to get its juice.
  • Get a small amount of the juice and apply it in your wart.
  • For best results, do this particularly two to four times a day.
  • Next, cover the affected area with bandage.
  • Expect the difference in a week or two.

Warts – Peel The Beauty With Banana Peels

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!


Thinking of throwing your banana peels?

Better think twice as this is also believed to be a good herbal remedy for warts.

  • First, take a piece of banana peel.
  • Next, place it in your wart.
  • To keep it stick on your skin, using a tape or bandage is recommended. a. Caution: Be sure that it is the yellow side that is facing the wart.
  • Remember that a banana peel is good for twelve hours.a. Thus, it is advisable to do this at night and let the banana peel stick over night.
  • Continue using for one to two weeks.

Warts – Dandelion Milk

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

Last on the list of herbal remedies for warts is dandelion milk.
In doing this, you have to

  • Cut the stem of dandelion first.
  • After such, squeeze to get the milk out.
  • Apply the dandelion milk in the affected area.
    • This needs to be taken into action for around two or three times per day.
  • To save time and effort, you can try cutting dandelions and squeezing the milk all at once.
  • Store them for future use.
    • Just make sure that it is fully covered so dandelion milk will not dry.


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