Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

Toothaches can be debilitating in that not much else can be done until the pain is remedies. Natural remedies can be used to relieve your tooth pain and the most interesting part is that most of these natural remedies are sitting right in the corner of your pantry!

Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

No one enjoys having an excruciatingly painful toothache. Unfortunately, it is also inevitable. Even if we are all doing our best in taking care of our precious pearly whites, at some point in our lives, we are likely to suffer from one. And since toothaches aren’t scheduled, it would be wise to arm yourself with the knowledge of using natural herbal remedies for toothache relief. Naturally, a dentist should be the first person we should seek help from when there is sever tooth pain, but, let’s face it, dental appointments can be extremely costly and you can’t just do “nothing” while waiting for the scheduled date, right? Now let’s get down to these natural remedies for toothache, shall we?

Toothaches – Natural Home Remedies To Alleviate Tooth Pain

Toothaches can be alleviated with some of the remedies and home treatments listed below

Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

1. Onions – onion consumption works wonders in relieving toothache and oral infection. Reliable and established studies have confirmed that onions (raw) have anti bacterial and anti septic properties. Chewing raw onions for a few minutes will do the trick. If chewing is painful, you can just hold it on the affected area. It should be freshly cut though. Don’t use your leftovers that had been sitting in the fridge for days!




Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

2. Garlic – Another natural home remedy for toothache is utilizing garlic cloves. You may have heard that garlic can boost one’s immune system and have antibiotic uses. However, the use of garlic for tooth pain relief, I’d say, is not plain anecdotal. Certain chemical called allicin, that happens to be an active component of garlic, has antibiotic properties that can slow down bacteria build up. So the logic is, when bacteria decrease, so does the pain.
To use garlic as a natural remedy for toothache, take a clove, smash it and apply directly on the affected tooth. If you feel a burning sensation, don’t worry. The release of allicin causes that sensation and should immediately help alleviate the pain and reduces the odds of having infection as well. For better results, you can add a bit of rock salt.


Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

3. Black Pepper – Listed among age-old natural remedies for toothache is pepper mixed with salt. You’ll need to make a paste using ¼ tsp. of pepper to ¼ tsp. of salt, apply to the affected area and the pain should go away within minutes.
Hint: It is best to use pepper as herbal remedies for toothache caused by cavities. Pepper does not only relieve pain but it is also a simple solution for bad breath problems. Now that’s a plus!

There you have it, a list of easy, (almost always) readily available toothache herbal remedies. By now, you should be able to face toothache when in comes knocking! Aside from utilizing the above mentioned natural herbal remedies for toothaches, you will benefit in getting to know the necessary preventative measures to lessen the chances of having toothache. It may sound as a cliché but really, “Prevention is better than cure”.


Toothaches – What Can I Do To Prevent The Pain?

Toothaches and the pain associated with them can be prevented by adopting these practices:

  • Seeing your dentist at least once or twice a year.
  • Avoiding too much sugar intake by reducing the consumption of foods and drink that are high in sugar (i.e. soft drinks, candies). That said, I think having a “sweet tooth” is a no-no if you want to stay away from toothache.
  • Regularly eating foods that are rich in Calcium and Vitamin C.

A number of herbal and natural remedies for toothache can provide great relief.

Given that ground, preventative care should not be overlooked. And to add, even if these home remedies will liberate you from pain, these are not guaranteed to last for a long period of time and may just bring short term pain relief.

Consulting with the nearest local dentist, who is familiar with natural herbal remedies is highly recommended for anyone who have prolonged and severe pain caused by toothache.


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