Shin Splints – How To Treat Shin Splints Naturally

Shin Splints – How To Treat Shin Splints Naturally

Shin Splints – How To Treat Shin Splints Naturally

Shin splints are pains in the front of your lower legs. It can cause swelling in the front of your tibia (shin area). The pain is usually felt when you first start the physical activity and then gradually gets worse throughout the activity.

Shin Splints – What Are The Causes Of Shin Splints?

Shin splints are brought on by too much strenuous activity with force concentrated on the legs, like with runners. Running a lot on hard surfaces will eventually cause shin splints. They are more common among basketball players, runners and squash and tennis players because those sports involve a lot of hard surface running.

Shin splints are caused by two major things:

  • Too much pressure on the lower leg muscles
  • Too much impact on the lower legs.

If you are involved in a sport that involves those two points, then you will almost always experience shin splints at some point in your life. Wearing incorrect footwear will also cause shin splints. If your shoes have incorrect support or they encourage you to run from heel to toe, then the excessive force on the heel will cause shin splints.

Shin Splints – Know The Symptoms Of Shin Splints So You Can Prepare

The main symptoms of shin splints are sharp pains in the front of the legs. The pain may go away for a little bit but if the activity is continued then the pain will eventually return until you actually have to stop the activity all together to prevent the worsening of the injury.

If the pain worsens throughout the day, you may have an injury to the actual bone and surrounding tissue.

You should keep an eye out for the feelings of numbness in the lower legs and feet because this may mean that the damage to the muscles has made them swell and they are putting extra pressure on your nerves.

Shin Splints – Herbal Remedies To Treat Shin Splints

To treat shin splints, the herbal remedies available are generally the remedies that reduce pain. They will not treat the actual shin splint, but they will reduce the level of pain.

You should take an alternative to ibuprofen like

  • An omega-3 fatty acid.
    • This will reduce the inflammation surrounding the shin splint.
  • White willow bark is also a good alternative to aspirin and ibuprofen.
    • It will reduce the level of pain experienced and reduce the swelling.

Shin splints are very painful and will gradually get worse.

Once you have experienced shin splints, you can resume physical activity once the pain has gone.

  • Invest in some compression socks and a new pair of sneakers to prevent them in the future.

Shin Splints – Conclusion

The main comment here would be prevention rather than cure. Shin Splints are painful and the best way to remedy would be rest and to stop the activity that created them in the first place.

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