Kidney Stones – What Causes Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones – What Causes Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones can be excruciating in pain and here we examine some natural remedies.We also look at the causes and the symptoms of kidney stones.

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Kidney Stones – What Causes Kidney Stones

Due to unprocessed minerals in the renal system of our body, kidney stones tend to form. It is noted that calcium oxalate are produced inside the kidney stones. According to research, about 10% of the population suffer from this disease. However, men are four times more prone to this than women. More than that, kidney stones have the tendency to recur. So, if you already experience it, there’s a great possibility that you will have it again in the next 20 years.

Kidney stones can occur without you noticing it. Yes, you may feel the uneasiness when urinating but there is a very little chance that you notice the kidney stones; since they are really tiny as a grain of sand.

And if you come to experience severe pain, then that’s probably the time that larger stones have already blocked the urethra. To the point, that you can even see blood in your urine. This is due to the damaged lining of organs when the stones pass on its side. And worse, pus indicating infection is more likely to occur.

Though there are huge stones that cause pain, there are cases that they can pass naturally. Thus, there are a number of herbal remedies for kidney stones. And this can be faster.

Kidney Stones – How To Cure Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones – What Causes Kidney Stones
Drinking plenty of water is simply the best treatment in helping the stone pass.

  • Drink at least 2-3 litres of water… everyday.

It is also best to eat

  • More soup
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables,

They contain much water rather than just settling down with the dry cooked foods and grains.

Of Note

  • Over consumption of oxalate highly contributes to the kidney stones production so, be careful!

Examples of oxalate-rich foods

  • Chocolate,
  • rhubarb,
  • beets,
  • spinach,
  • peanuts
  • and sweet potatoes.

Decrease the intake of these things, as they can cause dehydration.

  • Salt and
  • Alcohol

Aside from that, avoid eating

  • High quantities of meat
  • Dairy products

They can cause uric acid formation in the kidneys.

Kidney Stones – The Power Of Diuretics

Kidney Stones – What Causes Kidney Stones

To add the flow of water in the kidneys, taking diuretics can help.

Herbal teas like

  • dandelion and
  • stinging nettle are good examples of kidney stones natural remedies.

If you don’t have tea, you can replace it with two glasses of water. This will help the stone pass more quickly.

A diet that has low protein and salt content is highly recommended.

Kidney Stones – Conclusion

Please be noted that taking large vitamins and mineral doses without consulting your herbalist is dangerous and therefore, not advisable to practice.

It is always possible to get infected and have complications, thus, a trained herbalist should be by your side in your treatment process.

Natural cure for kidney stones, on the other hand should be used only in combination with medical advice.


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