How to Keep Your Foot in Health and Beauty


Foot care is important since it serves as a support when standing. Our feet sometimes tortured by the dictates of fashion shoes that impose too high or uncomfortable, feet fighting back in endolorissant and leaving the horns grafted to them. The watchword is thus the refreshes. Here are some foot care tips for taking care of the toes:

The basic foot care

Often in the evening, the feet swell. This is a sign that they are exhausted. We do not, however, will wait for the evening of pampering:

  • We start the foot care since in the morning. To do this, in the shower, wash the feet thoroughly and do not forget to paint the toenails.
  • After drying, they coat of moisturizer by taking the time to penetrate the active massaging gently. The cream itself is preferably made from shea butter, lavender and jojoba to properly nourish the feet and prevent them from drying out.
  • This will be an elementary gesture barrier that allows feet to confront the aggression to which they are subject all day.

  • In the day, a few minutes walk barefoot to allow them to get some fresh air and freedom from compression of the shoes and / or socks. For cooling, choose a foot spray product based on menthol or lemon.
  • At home in the evening, remove shoes and replace them with slippers, shoes should be washed, then the feet.
  • The foot care ritual however will not be the same as that performed in the morning because instead of a shower, your feet should be bathed in a basin of warm water and poured with a handful of salt or five teaspoons of baking soda and then plunged your feet. These aims to relax the muscles of the feet and thus promote their relaxation.
  • After ten minutes, leave the feet of the cup for a shower in cold water. The alternation of hot and cold stimulate blood circulation and tone, so the feet. The ritual ends with the application of a moisturizer.

Relaxing feet as foot care twice a week

Twice a week, sea salt and baking soda will give way to the essential oils of lavender or rosemary that have calming properties ideal for relaxing your tired feet.

A few drops of essential oil, add vegetable oil until the mixture becomes homogeneous. In this context, the sweet almond oil or olive oil is ideal because they are moisturizing.

Then apply a layer of nourishing cream on the feet and wrapped in socks overnight to facilitate the penetration of hydrating the skin.


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