Healthy Smoothies For Weight Loss – Some Great Recipes

Nature is the best source of nourishing and enriching all our health functions. The answer to all our health problems lies in nature and its ingredients. Fresh vegetables and fruits are an ultimate source vitamins and minerals which are crucial for all our health functions.

By combining all these healthy natural ingredients, you can easily achieve one of the most powerful tools for reducing weight as well as fighting all other severe health conditions in a most effective way.

In order to eliminate the extra fat off the body you need to choose the right ingredients in your diet. Fruits and vegetables with low energy can definitely be an effective source for weight loss. It is mainly due to the lower calories in low energy density fruits which help in cutting off extra fat around the body.

Reduced energy density in foods can be calculated by the presence of a large amount of water and fiber content in their raw form.

Many natural food items such as fruits and vegetables with high water and fiber content allow our body to experience the same amount of fullness as any of those high calorie unhealthy foods we eat each day.

It also means that we can eat these natural foods having low energy levels as much as we want while losing weight at the same time. This is the amazing secret of natural ingredients for weight loss.

Healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

One great way to create a perfect smoothie recipe for weight loss is to include a perfect group of fruits and vegetables that have some nice weight reducing functions through their low energy density.

Many of the sweet fruits such as bananas and dates have limited water presence and require a long time for digestion as compared to acidic fruits i.e. melons. To increase their digestive characteristics, sweet fruits can be utilized in the making of smoothies without combining them with any of the other food groups.

Some of the highly beneficial vegetables such as spinach, celery, and lettuce can be used perfectly in the combination of fruits while making a smoothie recipe.

Recipe 1

To create a perfect healthy smoothie recipe for weight loss you will need 1 Fresh Orange, 8 Fresh Strawberries, 1/2 Cup Celery and 1/2 Cup Filtered Water ice.

Mix all of these ingredients gently to make a perfect health drink for weight loss. To achieve good results try to consume it with an empty stomach.

Recipe 2

Another great healthy smoothie recipe is to combine some of the best natural ingredients such as 3 or 4 fresh strawberries, one banana with frozen chunks, 1 teaspoon of organic ground stevia to act as a natural zero-calorie sweetener, 1 cup of zero fat organic Greek yogurt and almost 2 cups of filtered water. Mix the ingredients well to make a perfect smoothie recipe for health.

Some of these healthy smoothie recipes can help greatly in our internal system functions, thus providing great benefits to the weight loss activities.

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