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  • What would be a good starting point for making new friends through health & fitness?
  • How can getting fit and losing weight help?
  • How can I share my health & fitness strategies with others?
  • How can others help me?
  • As well as adopting a healthier lifestyle, what else can I do?
  • How can I help others?

Summary & Suggestions for further learning through this website

What would be a good starting point for making new friends through health & fitness?
Make the decision to get fit and healthy. Don’t put it off any longer. Through making the decision, you have taken a massive leap forward towards taking control of your health both now and in the long term. As we explained in the opening paragraphs of this article, choosing to get fit and healthy and taking your life in a new direction as a result can open up new doors, possibilities and opportunities, with making new friends being one of the most exciting pluses!

How can getting fit and losing weight help?
Adopting a healthier lifestyle can help you to feel better both physically and mentally:

  • Lose weight
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Change your outlook for the better
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better

And more…

Through feeling better about the way you look and feel, and through radiating self-confidence and optimism to others, this will make you a person that others wish to know.

Also, as you enjoy your three gym sessions per week, or your afternoons at the swimming club, or your 2-nights’ per week football training, etc., you will be amongst like-minded people who are also striving to change themselves and their lives for the better. You will share a common bond.

Let’s look now at how you can learn even more about health & fitness – and maybe even fine-tune your own health & fitness plan – through sharing strategies with others.

How can I share my health & fitness strategies with others?
By sharing your knowledge and experiences (so far) of health & fitness, you could save others years of wasted trial and error. Maybe your fitness buddy, football team-mates, fellow nature-walkers or badminton partner are keen to get stuck in, but are at serious risk of injury through failing to warm up properly. Why not use just a little of your exercise time to share your warm-up routine exercise techniques with them? By doing so you could protect them from having to give up on exercising regularly for a long time.

Also, if you have found that your diet combined with your chosen exercise activity works particularly well when it comes to losing weight or improving mental health, by sharing this knowledge you could transform another’s life.

And what about when it comes to setting goals and reaching milestones on your specifically tailored health & fitness journey? You know that a pre-planned, goal-orientated health & fitness approach works a treat when it comes to feeling better both physically and mentally, but perhaps others are training in a random, almost haphazard way, simply because it has never been explained to them that by following a carefully designed roadmap towards achieving optimum physical and mental health, they will find the entire process so much easier. Also, their own health & fitness progress can be trackable and measureable through them utilising a whole range of health & fitness tools which you already use and benefit from.
These are just some of the ways in which you can share your strategies with others. What’s more, being generous with your knowledge will not only help to consolidate your own learning, but it could also lead you to discovering new ideas and techniques through the sharing process – where personal development can be wonderfully inherent.

And, of course, you could benefit enormously by others sharing their strategies with you.

Staying on the subject of how you can benefit by helping others, let’s look now at other ways in which this could occur as you work hard towards achieving your own health & fitness goals.

How can others help me?
So many people who make the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle find that this can be met with resistance from those around them. Close family members, friends and even work colleagues can put a cynical slant on it all and make you feel that you are mad to even try, and that you shouldn’t bother because you will never keep it up. In all walks of life, there will always be detractors…

The best thing you can do is to draw on and remained motivated by the encouragement of supportive people, but try not to make your decision to get fit and healthy common knowledge. This could leave you wide open to others around you basically ‘monitoring’ your progress by asking you questions, such as: ‘How much weight have you lost?’, ‘How many miles did you run today?’, ‘How many lengths of the pool did you do?’, ‘What did you eat today?’, ‘Have you had a chocolate bar this week?’, and so on and so on… This can obviously become intensely irritating and can feel to you as though you have actually lost control of your health & fitness plan and that others are driving it, not you.

As well as adopting a healthier lifestyle, what else can I do?

Lots of things:

Join a club
Get involved at your local church
Do some volunteering
Initiate a get together with your existing friends – they may bring someone along who you could get to know and become friends with yourself
Be a good listener. Don’t dominate and/or continually interrupt others. Allow them to finish their sentences and their points.
Maintain your friendships with your old friends, even if you find exciting new ones. If others see that you take care of your existing friendships, then this will be a pointer to them as regards to the type of person you are, and how you are likely to treat them as friends once you’re ‘connected’.
Above all, be reliable. If you forge a reputation as being someone that others can rely upon and trust, they will want to be friends with you, too.

Finally, and before we summarise and look at suggestions for further learning through this website, let’s now consider how you can help others to make friends and share strategies.

How can I help others?
Share your knowledge. You could actually transform someone’s life through doing so. A family member, friend or work associate… Explain to them how adopting a healthy lifestyle has opened up new doors for you and that there is no reason at all why they should not benefit in the same way if they choose to make health & fitness a core part of their life. You never know, you might even become exercise buddies.

Also, tell others about the Chemist Online Health & Fitness Centre! The wealth of useful and up-to-the-minute information available here is changing people’s lives every day – for the better.

Let’s summarise now and then look at some suggestions for further learning through this website.

Through reading this article in Zone 1 of the Centre you have discovered that by adopting a healthier lifestyle which combines a balanced diet with regular exercise, a whole new world can open up to you, one where you could make new friends – exercise buddies with whom you could share strategies. For many people, this is an unexpected added bonus of making health & fitness a core part of their everyday life. This will help you to reach your health & fitness goals and milestones more easily, and you will also gain the satisfaction of seeing your shared knowledge of health & fitness strategies enhance the lives of others.

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