8 tips for how to keep your teeth healthy and clean


Whitening products and costly interventions are not always necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful. There are few healthy tips presented here that it might help you to get a healthy teeth with cheap ways :

  • Keep a toothbrush on your bedside table or under your pillow

This is a good way to remember to brush your teeth at sunrise and sunset—which is the two most important times to clean your teeth.

  • Avoid sugary foods

Sugar equals more plaque and bacteria, consecutively, bleeding gums, tooth decay and dental cavities. In addition, the acid in refined sugar and soft drinks has the effect of dissolving tooth enamel.

  • Take more food “cleaners”

Firm and crunchy foods, such as apples, raw carrot, celery or popcorn, help to clean teeth. If you fear not being able to brush your teeth immediately after eating, eat a food detergent at the end of the meal.

  • Use apple cider vinegar as a gargle

Before you brush your teeth, gargle every morning. Apple cider vinegar helps to remove stains, whiten teeth and kill bacteria in the mouth and gums.

  • Take a yogurt every day

Just like your bones, your teeth need calcium to stay healthy and strong. To this end, take a low-fat yogurt every day.

  • Do not drink from the bottle

Instead, pour the liquid into a cup before drinking. This will prevent your teeth from inadvertently hitting the bottle and the chip.

  • Do not chew, suck more

Suck rather than chew food very hard, for example, peanut brittle, hard candy or ice. When crunching, you cause the formation on the enamel of your teeth, tiny fractures in the long run, and if it happen for quite a long time it will turn into major cracks.

  • Learn how to floss without help of a mirror

If you can floss without the help of a mirror, you can clean your teeth in your car, at your desk, in bed or before an important meeting. Get a few boxes of dental floss, you will keep in the various places where you’re likely to need.

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