Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

Toothaches can be debilitating in that not much else can be done until the pain is remedies. Natural remedies can be used to relieve your tooth pain and the most interesting part is that most of these natural remedies are sitting right in the corner of your pantry!

Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

No one enjoys having an excruciatingly painful toothache. Unfortunately, it is also inevitable. Even if we are all doing our best in taking care of our precious pearly whites, at some point in our lives, we are likely to suffer from one. And since toothaches aren’t scheduled, it would be wise to arm yourself with the knowledge of using natural herbal remedies for toothache relief. Naturally, a dentist should be the first person we should seek help from when there is sever tooth pain, but, let’s face it, dental appointments can be extremely costly and you can’t just do “nothing” while waiting for the scheduled date, right? Now let’s get down to these natural remedies for toothache, shall we?

Toothaches – Natural Home Remedies To Alleviate Tooth Pain

Toothaches can be alleviated with some of the remedies and home treatments listed below

Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

1. Onions – onion consumption works wonders in relieving toothache and oral infection. Reliable and established studies have confirmed that onions (raw) have anti bacterial and anti septic properties. Chewing raw onions for a few minutes will do the trick. If chewing is painful, you can just hold it on the affected area. It should be freshly cut though. Don’t use your leftovers that had been sitting in the fridge for days!




Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

2. Garlic – Another natural home remedy for toothache is utilizing garlic cloves. You may have heard that garlic can boost one’s immune system and have antibiotic uses. However, the use of garlic for tooth pain relief, I’d say, is not plain anecdotal. Certain chemical called allicin, that happens to be an active component of garlic, has antibiotic properties that can slow down bacteria build up. So the logic is, when bacteria decrease, so does the pain.
To use garlic as a natural remedy for toothache, take a clove, smash it and apply directly on the affected tooth. If you feel a burning sensation, don’t worry. The release of allicin causes that sensation and should immediately help alleviate the pain and reduces the odds of having infection as well. For better results, you can add a bit of rock salt.


Toothaches – Natural Remedies For Quick Tooth Pain Relief

3. Black Pepper – Listed among age-old natural remedies for toothache is pepper mixed with salt. You’ll need to make a paste using ¼ tsp. of pepper to ¼ tsp. of salt, apply to the affected area and the pain should go away within minutes.
Hint: It is best to use pepper as herbal remedies for toothache caused by cavities. Pepper does not only relieve pain but it is also a simple solution for bad breath problems. Now that’s a plus!

There you have it, a list of easy, (almost always) readily available toothache herbal remedies. By now, you should be able to face toothache when in comes knocking! Aside from utilizing the above mentioned natural herbal remedies for toothaches, you will benefit in getting to know the necessary preventative measures to lessen the chances of having toothache. It may sound as a cliché but really, “Prevention is better than cure”.


Toothaches – What Can I Do To Prevent The Pain?

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Shin Splints – How To Treat Shin Splints Naturally

Shin Splints – How To Treat Shin Splints Naturally

Shin splints are pains in the front of your lower legs. It can cause swelling in the front of your tibia (shin area). The pain is usually felt when you first start the physical activity and then gradually gets worse throughout the activity.

Shin Splints – What Are The Causes Of Shin Splints?

Shin splints are brought on by too much strenuous activity with force concentrated on the legs, like with runners. Running a lot on hard surfaces will eventually cause shin splints. They are more common among basketball players, runners and squash and tennis players because those sports involve a lot of hard surface running.

Shin splints are caused by two major things:

  • Too much pressure on the lower leg muscles
  • Too much impact on the lower legs.

If you are involved in a sport that involves those two points, then you will almost always experience shin splints at some point in your life. Wearing incorrect footwear will also cause shin splints. If your shoes have incorrect support or they encourage you to run from heel to toe, then the excessive force on the heel will cause shin splints.

Shin Splints – Know The Symptoms Of Shin Splints So You Can Prepare

The main symptoms of shin splints are sharp pains in the front of the legs. The pain may go away for a little bit but if the activity is continued then the pain will eventually return until you actually have to stop the activity all together to prevent the worsening of the injury.

If the pain worsens throughout the day, you may have an injury to the actual bone and surrounding tissue.

You should keep an eye out for the feelings of numbness in the lower legs and feet because this may mean that the damage to the muscles has made them swell and they are putting extra pressure on your nerves.

Shin Splints – Herbal Remedies To Treat Shin Splints

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Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

bad hand warts

Warts are painful and unattractive. People noticing (and should I say) prying on your warts can definitely ruin your day. And if wart removal would be the topic of discussion, you can’t help but strain your ears to find out the best possible options you could get including the natural remedies for warts.

Let’s face it. Treatments for warts, if you would ask dermatologist, can be quite expensive. Thus, one may put off removing it and just bear the burden of sporting an unsightly wart/s. Here’s good news for those who are really looking for wart removal options. Continue reading and you’ll be surprised how natural remedies for warts can make a difference.

Warts – Reveal The Power Of Castor Oil

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

Warts and the natural remedies for their removal of them have been a topic of discussion for quite some time.

Castor oil would always be on top of one’s list. Though this herbal cure for warts takes long time to get results, a month for example, it is still regarded as an ideal herbal remedy wart removal.

All you have to do is apply a small amount of castor oil to the affected area. In doing so, you must adhere to several options. Some might recommend castor oil application twice a day while others suggest that applying it on a night basis only will also give best results.

Warts – Potatoes really rock

Warts – Natural Remedies for Warts!

Are you shocked? Well, brace yourselves then. Because believe it or not, potatoes really rock! How? Take this fact into consideration.

There are a lot of raw, uncooked potatoes in your homes and they are tested herbal cure for warts.

Here are quick steps to make the most out of potato madness.

  • Cut the potato into half or any smaller portion.
  • Start massaging the affected area with the potato cuts.
    • It is advisable to practice this step for at least two to three times a day.

And in just two weeks, you’ll get the results you are looking for.

If you don’t have potatoes at home, don’t worry.

  • Onions pose as best alternatives to these.

Warts – Pineapple crush gives you guts

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